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Ru Weerasuriya, Founder and Executive Officer, Ready At Dawn Studios: “Bringing The Order: 1886 to life has been an exciting journey and a very personal experience for many of us. It took nearly a decade to define its setting and its characters, to create a fiction that reflected the subtleties and ambiguities of our own history. We have held every aspect of our world’s creation close to our hearts. It is therefore no surprise that when it came to the score, we sought someone who would equally echo our passion and inspire us in our work. And from the onset, Jason Graves was to be that composer. The nuances in his unique score not only complements each and every moment of the story, they define every sinuous paths that our characters undertake. From the first notes to the final score that today lives in the game, Jason has placed his imprint on our world, far surpassing any expectations we had ever set. In composing the Order:1886, Jason has created one of the most distinctive and masterful original scores to date.”

Andrea Pessino, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Ready At Dawn Studios:
 “As a game developer and a musician I had crazy expectations about how personal and relevant the music for the game could be. I am stunned to say that all those aspirations were not only met but even exceeded by the final score. It was also refreshing how enabling and supportive the Sony music team has been with this – given the mind-boggling cost of producing content at these levels it is never easy to trust the vision of the artist. Yet they appreciated the potential and committed their time, resources and support unconditionally. Sticking to a “safe” Hollywood-style formula would have been easier and far less risky, but then the output would have been just another score. What we got instead is The Order’s musical signature – the emotional template for its world, its characters and its story.”

Andrew Boyd, Audio Director, Visceral Games: “It has been a real pleasure working with Jason on Dead Space 2. The range of his composition is impressive, and his attention to detail never fails to amaze me. His creativity, energy, and unique vision for the music has been key to establishing the atmosphere of the game.”

Adam Kay, Audio Director, Paragon Studios: “With very little direction, Jason was able to anticipate the needs of our project and deliver a score which far exceeded our expectations. Jason provided a soundtrack which feels contemporary while still being firmly rooted in the tradition of action film music. Juxtaposing themes provide contrast and variation capable of underscoring far more than the sum of total minutes delivered. Mostly, though, it just kicks superhero ass!”

Mihai Gheorghiu, Audio Director, Ubisoft Romania: “Working with Jason to compose music for Silent Hunter 5 was a real pleasure. Continuing the franchise’s tradition for high-quality orchestral scores, he delivered an intense soundtrack that captures the essence of the gameplay and improves the overall experience for the player. Jason is a great professional to work with and I look forward to working with him again.”

Alexander Brandon, Audio Director, Obsidian Entertainment: “Jason provided incredible tracks for Alpha Protocol that fit the environments like a glove. His music has the closest interactive film score sound I’ve ever heard.”

Don Veca, Audio Director, Electronic Arts: “Jason’s original score for Dead Space is simply fantastic. The music plays a huge role in the game’s overall soundscape; it’s the drama behind everything. We needed an original orchestral score that was aleatoric in style, dark and dissonant, ranging from subtle creepy/eerie moods to completely cacophonous frenzies. Not only did the music have to sound great on its own, but it needed to be composed in such a way as to work musically within our custom playback system. We were able to collaborate with Jason very closely on both the musical aspects as well as the dynamic/adaptive nature of the score as it related to gameplay. The end result is a compelling aural experience unique to Dead Space. Jason’s talent as a composer is matched only by his positive attitude and musical passion.”

Clark Crawford, Audio Director, Midway: “Jason continually amazed me with his ability to deliver exactly what I was hearing in my head. His deep understanding of music, versatility as an orchestrator and completely open-minded approach made him an invaluable part of the team. If only the rest of the world was as easy and rewarding to work with…”

Sylvain Brunet, Audio Director, Ubisoft: “Working with Jason is always a wonderful experience. This guy is amazingly professional. He composes great musical scores, setting authentic atmospheres that perfectly fit the ambience of each game.”

Joseph Simpkins, Producer: “I don’t know if I can put into words what Jason’s score has done for my film. It is more than Oscar-caliber, it is simply ART at its finest. Not only did the music enhance the film – it took it to a whole different level. I can’t imagine anyone else creating what he has done.”

Olympia Stone, Director: “Jason is a truly talented musician and composer. The score he created for my film is one that both critics and viewers have consistently praised. He is easy to work with and utterly professional. His taste, musical instincts and creativity are superb. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Marty Hudzick, Director: “Just listening to Jason’s score by itself gave us the chills – we could tell exactly what was happening onscreen by the music alone. Then we played it with the film and got goosebumps! Now we can’t imagine our film without Jason’s music. It’s the kind of score you would expect from a big Hollywood composer and a summer blockbuster film. Phenominal!”