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2010 Annual Game Music Awards

Square Enix Music has announced Alpha Protocol as the winner of Best Instrumental Main Theme, on which Jason exclusively collaborated with techno artist BT. “This unprecedented electro-orchestral collaboration from BT and Jason Graves provided an immersive and edgy accompaniment to game’s ever-developing espionage while giving plenty of cool hooks and breaks for listeners to latch on to.”

Alpha Protocol is Released

Audio Director Alex Brandon: “Jason provided incredible tracks for Alpha Protocol that fit the environments like a glove. His music has the closest interactive ‘film score sound’ I’ve ever heard.” Jason also exclusively collaborated with techno artist BT, co-composing the main theme for the game.

Alpha Protocol Featured on Cover of Game Informer

Game Informer calls Alpha Protocol a “modern-day espionage thriller that will change the way you think about role-playing games.” Jason is composing a tense orchestral score with world percussion and electronica for this exciting new game.