ABC News Now

Jason is appearing on ABC National News to chat about what makes music truly scary. The segment is scheduled for 1:15 pm EST on Halloween, October 31 and will include selections from his scores to Tomb Raider and Dead Space. It will also be available online at

Spotify Collaboration

Jason has teamed up with Spotify’s Trends Export Shanon Cook and UCLA professors to create “Music To Your Fears” – a exclusive Halloween-themed playlist for Spotify listeners.

Jason Named SEMO 2011 Western Composer of the Year

“Jason Graves demonstrated his creativity with five high-powered sequels and two charity albums this year. He especially shone with Dead Space 2, where he took gamers on a frightening but touching musical journey that exceeded even the esteemed original.” Read the complete list of awards.

Dead Space 2 Prequel

Dead Space Ignition is now available for download through the Playstation and X-box online networks. Get a sneak peak at the events leading up to Dead Space 2, including new music!

Going Rogue Official Soundtrack

N.C. Soft and Paragon Studios have announced the official soundtrack release of Jason’s new score for Going Rogue, available on iTunes and other online retailers worldwide. Preview the entire album on the official soundtrack page.