Develop Magazine

Jason sat down with John Broomhall to discuss his multiplayer score for Turtle Rock’s Evolve in this month’s “Heard About” interview for Develop magazine.

Pop Culture Tonight

Jason joined Patrick Phillips for a fourth time on Pop Culture Tonight, discussing his “powerful, tragic, dark, and most of all, epic” score for The Order: 1886. Listen to the full interview.

The Order: 1886

Sony has officially announced Jason as the composer for their biggest release of 2015, The Order: 1886. A digital copy of the soundtrack will be included with both the Premium and Collector’s Editions of the game. The complete score is over two hours long, spanning three years of music production. Watch the behind the scenes video, “Orchestrating The Order: 1886.”

Savage Music: Jason Graves and the Audio for Evolve

“The audio in games is sort of an unsung hero. Done well, it enhances a game’s atmosphere without distracting you from the action. Today we’re talking with Jason Graves for his thoughts on game audio and what it was like to compose music for Evolve.” Read the interview.

The Sound Architect

Jason recently sat down with Sam Hughes to discuss all things game music related. Read the complete interview.

The Soundtrack to a Generation

“At the dawning of a new era, what better time to look back upon the musical high points across nearly a decade of games. It’s tough to narrow it down to a select few (or twenty), but here goes… Maestro, if you please!” The Soundtrack to a Generation.

PAX East – Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games

“Ever wondered what it takes to score original music for blockbuster video games? Learn from the industry’s most accomplished composers as they share their experiences and discuss the craft of scoring music for some of the biggest franchises in interactive entertainment.” Saturday, March 23rd at 2:30pm. Official PAX website.

Scoring Tomb Raider: The Music Behind the Game

“Tomb Raider is being rebooted for a modern audience. Every aspect of the music will be covered from the creative direction, composition, implementation and the technology behind it.” Jason will be speaking with Crystal Dynamics Music Director Alex Wilmer at SXSW in Austin, TX on Saturday, March 9th at 12:30. More details.