Ask Audio Feature: How To Create Horror Video Game Scores

“Long gone are the days when you picked up a game just because of its box art. When it comes to horror, the player is already in the mindset of immersing themselves in a horror environment; they’re prepared for a scary experience before they’ve even pressed start. That’s where the composers come in.” Read the full article here.

Gamespot Interview – Dead Air

“If you play video games, chances are you’ve heard the music of Jason Graves–he’s composed the soundtracks for Far Cry Primal, 2013’s Tomb Raider, Dead Space, and Until Dawn. On this week’s episode, the Dead Air crew sits down to dissect how Graves finds signature sounds in the real world, and how he uses them to create unsettling atmospheres.” Listen …

Push Square Interview

“It’s not often that we flag down video game composers for interviews, but we were recently presented with the opportunity to speak with Jason Graves. To our surprise, we were able to chat for almost an hour about his interesting career and the deeper aspects of his music, and we’ve transcribed all of the highlights.” Read the full interview.

The Soundtrack to a Generation

“At the dawning of a new era, what better time to look back upon the musical high points across nearly a decade of games. It’s tough to narrow it down to a select few (or twenty), but here goes… Maestro, if you please!” The Soundtrack to a Generation.

ABC News Now

Jason is appearing on ABC National News to chat about what makes music truly scary. The segment is scheduled for 1:15 pm EST on Halloween, October 31 and will include selections from his scores to Tomb Raider and Dead Space. It will also be available online at

Spotify Collaboration

Jason has teamed up with Spotify’s Trends Export Shanon Cook and UCLA professors to create “Music To Your Fears” – a exclusive Halloween-themed playlist for Spotify listeners.

Joystick 5.0

“For the fifth incarnation of the immensely popular JOYSTICK concert series, the Malmo Symphony Orchestra will perform several pieces by the acclaimed Jason Graves. A brand new heroic suite from the Tomb Raider soundtrack will be conducted by Graves himself. The audience will also experience his chilling music from sci-fi horror franchise Dead Space.”

Dead Space Live in London

Immerse yourself in the music that brings your favourite video games alive, played by the London Philharmonic at Royal Festival Hall. “The Greatest Video Game Music” will include the world premiere of a suite of music from Jason’s original score to Dead Space. Jason will also be attending the concert, scheduled for September 2, 2011.