Dead Space Official Soundtrack Available

Jason’s original score for Dead Space, touted as “one of the best video game scores of the year” by Music 4 Games and deserving “the top of year-end ‘Best Of’ lists” by G4TV , is now available for purchase on Amazon Digital and iTunes

Dead Space Music Showcase

Both Music 4 Games and IGN have featured Showcases on Jason’s avant-garde score for the highly anticipated horror title Dead Space, including three exclusive preview tracks from the upcoming soundtrack release.

Dead Space Wins Game Critic’s Award

EA’s upcoming horror opus Dead Space has been named “Best Action Adventure Game” in the Game Critic Awards: Best of E3 2008. Judges include representatives from Entertainment Weekly, Wired, USA Today and Time. Jason’s original score features over two hours of psychological dread and is scheduled for release on iTunes and EATrax October 14.

More Music from Dead Space Revealed

The new trailer for EA’s Dead Space, simply named “Lullaby Trailer,” features a new take on the classic “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and showcases more of Jason’s horrific original soundtrack.

Dead Space Website Launched

Electronic Arts has launched the official site for Dead Space. See through the eyes of Isaac Clarke and view the world premiere of the teaser trailer online with a preview of Jason’s spine-tingling score. Visit the Official Site.

Dead Space

Jason is providing a true ground-breaking horror score for what promises to be one of the scariest games of all time. Electronic Arts is making its first foray into the sci-fi survival horror genre with Dead Space. The game has secretly been in development for a year and a half with a small team of 15-18 programmers, all hard at …